Character Bios

Ronald McDonald (Rob McElhenney):


Justifiably embarrassed that he shares a name with the spokesperson for a fast-food chain, we all know “Ronald” as “Mac.” Co-owner of Paddy’s pub, Mac took on the self-proclaimed roll of bar security due to his “natural ability” in the fields of karate and ocular pat downs. Childhood friends with Charlie Kelly and awkward middle-aged roommates with Dennis Reynolds, Mac completes this trio of narcissistic buddies. Mac never misses an opportunity to highlight his “bad ass” persona-he even has the sleeveless shirts and tribal tattoos to prove it. Often greeting the gang with his signature phrase, “what’s up, bitches?” Mac knows his way around an insult and has assumed the role of group jerk over the years. Coming from a lineage of misfits, his nicotine soaked mother and criminal father have caused Mac to constantly seek approval from those around him. Constantly coming up with outlandish plans, preaching his Christian religious views, and verbally abusing Dee, one can always count on Mac for a sharp insult and a swift karate chop and any moment.

P.S. He might be gay? But who really knows for sure…

Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton): 


The most self-centered member of the gang, Dennis is seen as a ladies man by the other guys–despite his growing list of non-consensual sex tapes and charges for sexual misconduct. His concepts for getting women–including the D.E.N.N.I.S. system and making girls think they may be raped–tend to backfire when he least expects it. But, he carries on with confidence. Flaunting a body that he claims to be “god like,” Dennis’ shirt seems to pop off more than the bottle caps behind the bar. Co-owner of Paddy’s Pub, Dennis is also the twin brother of Dee Reynolds, though their relationship is far from loving. Like most members of the gang, Dennis jumps at the opportunity to insult his sister and her bird-like appearance. Constantly bragging about his “Ivy League” education from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Dennis always tends to take charge on “brilliant” plans that never fail to leave the group in shambles. If you ever think Dennis’ intentions are good, just wait, Dennis is alllll about Dennis. Ask him to sing for you though, it will make him happy.

Deandra Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson):


Commonly known as “Dee,” or “Sweet Dee,” the sole female in this group tries her best to fit in with the rest of the guys–although it doesn’t always work. Despite her attempted digs at the guys and her constant reference to them as “boners” it unfortunately seems that, for the most part, the joke is on Dee. It all started back in school, when her confinement to an intricate back brace due to scoliosis granted her the nickname “Aluminum Monster” among her peers. Whether she’s getting insulted, physically harmed, or left out of a plan, it seems that Dee can never gain any real leverage within the gang. Despite her crippling stage fright causing her to dry heave at the sight of any crowd, Dee is convinced that she’s going to make it big as a Hollywood actress. She is always looking for a chance to perform, whether it be as herself or one of the comical characters she has in her repertoire. She’s willing to do anything to get to the top, including sleeping around with the men of Philadelphia…or really anyone that could possibly boost her career status. Twin sister of Dennis and bartender at Paddy’s Pub, Sweet Dee spends her days tagging along with the guys and trying to concoct her own plans to make her appear affluent and successful.

Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day):


He likes ghouls, hates knees, huffs spray paint, and fiends for any type of cheese–he’s just…Charlie. Co-owner of Paddy’s Pub, inventor of Kitten Mittons, and roommates with Frank Reynolds, Charlie can usually be found lounging in his torn long-johns or causing mischief in his army-green button down. Arguably the most…special out the gang members, Charlie is noted for his severe dyslexia, which often gets him into some pretty confusing situations. His journals and notebooks are chock full of song lyrics and stories that are pretty much incomprehensible to the normal human being. He tries to relay these thoughts in his head to the members of the gang but is often shrugged off and demoted to “Charlie work,” which includes all things grimy, smelly, and unsanitary. Charlie’s mangy appearance is one of the many reasons why the woman of his dreams–“the waitress”–has filed numerous restraining orders against him. This, along with the fact that he spends his days stalking and documenting her every move without her knowledge, but hey, that’s just how Charlie works. Whether it be his random one-liners, his affinity for the unusual, or his sheer confusion, Charlie is always there to provide to provide a good laugh (even though they’re mostly at his expense). Did I mention he’s a “full-on-rapist?”

Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito): 


The most recent member of the gang and landlord of Paddy’s Pub, Frank made his appearance in season 2 of the program and came in like a 4′ 11′ tornado. Frank has many interesting connections to the members of the gang, as he’s the legal father of Dennis and Dee, along with the alleged biological father of Charlie. Acting as the wise father figure in the group, the gang looks to him for advice quite frequently. Frank always has an answer, although his questionable mental state causes one to wonder how credible they are. Having previously been a “successful” business man (through many many illegal activities) Frank decided to leave his old life and “whore” wife behind to reconnect with his children. He now spends his days carrying out the wildly ridiculous plans with the gang and is always looking to “get in on the action.” Frank’s always around to provide commentary on the decisions of the gang, and he’s always packin’ heat–yes, I do mean he frequently brandishes unlicensed firearms. Frank’s affinity for women, danger, and excitement have helped him fit right in with the gang–although with the condition he’s in, who knows how long he’ll be there…


By the way, I forgot to mention that the gang members are all undiagnosed alcoholics. But I mean, they own a bar so that’s expected. Right…?


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