Tweet of the Week

I’m starting a new weekly piece called ‘Tweet of the Week’ where I’m going to select my favorite Tweet from the week prior by one of the Always Sunny cast members/writers/fan twitters. Whether it be something I found funny, something inspiring, or just something I had an opinion on, I think it’s important to highlight what these people behind the show have to say in their personal lives. It allows us to get a good glimpse at the voices behind the veil of the show.

This week I chose a tweet from Rob McElhenney that I was inspired by and thought was very relevant to some social issues today. It wasn’t incredibly philanthropic, but it’s simplicity and truth resonated with me–here’s what he said:

I’m such an advocate for being a kind person and treating other people with respect, regardless of their differences. While our society has made large strides towards higher levels of acceptance and respect among different races/sexualities/class levels, there are still a great number of people who do not act according to these advancements. This is one of my main criticisms of the rise of social media, as I believe it’s provided an incredibly fluid and easily accessible outlet for people to preach hateful words against others. These ignorant comments are now so easy to spread through Facebook and Twitter and provide these people with a screen to hide behind.

As cliche as it sounds, life is so short. It takes so much effort to hate people, and to be disrespectful. I always say that one of the easiest ways to be happy is to just know who you are and allow yourself to be welcoming of others and their opinions. The more diversity you are exposed to the more you grow as a person, as your mind and sense of life becomes more and more rich. Why would you want to spend the short amount of time you have here hating other people and being vindictive? We live in such an unavoidably relational world that it’s so much more enlightening to but your effort into loving other people than resenting them.

Rob sums it up perfectly with this tweet and I give him props for providing his followers with such a great bit of advice to live by.