Tweet of the Week

This week’s tweet comes from Conor Galvin, an assistant writer who works on It’s Always Sunny. His tweet honestly made me laugh and related to how I’ve been feeling these past few days.

When the weather starts getting really nice, while I’m jumping for joy, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially here in Olean, NY where the winters last longer than in Game of Thrones and seem to get colder each year, the change to nice weather is quite a shock. Over the past few weeks, there have been many days where I’ll see the temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, as I sit in my dorm-room bed watching Netflix or Hulu on my laptop…

Sometimes I just can’t even trick myself into believing that I have the energy or desire to get out of bed and put on shoes in order to go outside, no matter how nice the weather. Then even if I do get outside it’s like, what do I do? I’m certainly not gonna “run” or “jog” or “exercise,” so that basically leaves sitting in the grass on a scratchy blanket pretending I’m comfortable. I need incentives to make it out like beer, or hot-dogs, or beer.

Despite my pessimism, I do love enjoying the summer sun especially on days like today (happy Cinco De Mayo!). There’s nothin’ better than being outside with all your friends drinking and having fun, because when the sun is out, everyone is in a better mood. However, I don’t seem to know how to take this sun in any moderation. Exhibit A being when I was outside all day on Sunday and got sun poisoning as a result, because my dumb ass didn’t wear sunblock and got burnt like a campfire hot-dog.

Maybe it is better if I follow Conor’s lead, just give it up, and stick to staying indoors with pizza.


Which Always Sunny Character Are You?

I attached a quiz courtesy of BuzzFeed where you can find out which character from It’s Always Sunny your personality resembles most. There’s a series of ten questions, each with a variety of choices, that lead the quiz to it’s results. Everything from what’s your best quality to choose a celebrity mug shot. Take the quiz and post your results below letting me know which character you are.

As much as it pains me to say it, I’ve taken this quiz about five times over the years and I somehow always get the McPoyles, which is clearly not settling…but whatever.

Leave a comment below letting me know which character you are.



We all know the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia now as Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank, and Dee, but where were they before they scored the rolls on this show? I thought it would be fun to take a look down memory lane and find clips from some of the first film/television rolls that each of the cast members landed in their careers. It’s crazy to see how far they’ve all come over the years and where they all started out before they were the crazy gang we all know and love.

Danny Devito as Louie DePalma on Taxi (1978-1983):

For six years, wayyyy before his role on Sunny, Danny Devito played a loud and outlandish taxi dispatcher in the hit series Taxi. I you watch this clip you can see that back in the day he had much more hair and much better eyesight, but the same crazy non-restricted personality that we’ve grown to love as he plays Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny. 

Danny Devito as Mr. Wormwood in Matilda (1996):

Having not been alive for the generation that Taxi took place in, this was the only role prior to Sunny that I remembered Danny from. This movie totally reminds me of my childhood, and how much I hated Matilda’s con-artist dad. Looking back now though, he seems to bear a striking similarity to Mr. Reynolds. He even says, “nobody ever got rich bein’ honest.” Sound like anyone we know?

Kaitlin Olson as Janet on George Lopez (2004):

Before she was Sweet Dee, Kaitlin Olson appeared on an episode of George Lopez where she played a snarky assistant principal. While I have the utmost confidence that Dee’s sexual promiscuity and sailor mouth wouldn’t land her even an assistant role, the minor character’s sarcastic attitude and inability to deliver news appropriately reminds me quite a bit of Dee and her laugh-inducing flaws.

Rob McElhenney as Joey Timon on Law & Order (1997):

When I was a mere two years, Rob McElhenney was getting his acting career rolling with a spot on the show that it seems all of Hollywood has appeared on at one point or another. He plays a teenage bad-boy who ends up murdering an innocent victim just for the fun of it, and ends up facing 20 to life. Yikes… While Mac McDonald was once thought to be a serial killer, I’d like to think he’s not quite “bad-ass” enough to to actually commit that grave of a crime–hopefully.

Glenn Howerton as Corey Howard on That 80’s Show (2002):

One of Glenn’s first rolls before playing the narcissistic Dennis Reynolds, was as Corey Howard on That 80’s Show. While the show was not well-received by fans and only lasted one season, the 13 episodes that Glenn appeared in acted as the start of his career, as he would go on to become the gang member we all love to hate.

Charlie Day as Jeremy on Law & Order (2001):

4 years after Rob appeared on the show, we see none other than Charlie Kelly pop up on this crime series as well–see, I really wasn’t lying about everyone being on here at some point. Anyways, he stars as a laid back cool-guy witness, and his acting is soooo different than anything he’s done on Sunny that it’s almost funny to watch, since I know him so well as Charlie Day and all he represents. Vastly different than the cheese-obsessed dyslexic from Philly.

Charlie Day as Michael Boscorelli on Third Watch (2001-2004):

On a 6 season series that followes the lives of New York’s 55th precinct’s police officers, paramedics, etc., Charlie Day appeared as Michael Boscorelli in 5 different episodes throughout the series. He plays the brother of Officer Maurice Boscorelli (Jason Wiles) and carries out another unconventional roll in this early 00’s crime drama. While his performance is great, I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad soon after this stint he found his home on Sunny playing the roll he’s so clearly meant to be playing.

What’s your favorite past roll from a member of the Always Sunny cast? Leave a comment below, jabronis.

Top-Ten Tuesday: The Gang’s Best Quotes

For ten seasons now the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have been spitting out the most vulgar, outlandish, and utterly hysterical one-liners on television. As a result, it was a difficult task to choose just ten of the best quotes from the series as it’s progressed so far. However, these ten quotes are the ones that make me laugh out loud no matter how many times I hear them or read them–this is my list for the top ten quotes from the gang.

#10). “Hey-o! What’s up, bitches?!” -Mac 

#9). “Later, boners.” -Sweet Dee


#8). “Later, dudes. S you in your A’s, don’t wear a C and J all over your B’s.” -Charlie

#7). “See you later, Dirt Grub and Ronnie the Rat. Hope you suck each other’s rotten peckers until you get mouth cancer.” -Sweet Dee

#6). “You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna get into that boy’s soul.” -Frank

#5). “Name’s Artemis. I have a bleached asshole.” -Artemis

#4). “I will eat your babies, bitch!” -Sweet Dee


#3). “Your mom doesn’t know dick! She’s a dumb, fat cow. And your sister, she’s a stupid little shit-mouthed bitch, isn’t she?” -Sweet Dee


#2). Mac, you have an exceptional number of bugs in your teeth. You’re gonna wanna rinse those out. It’s disgusting. -Dennis

#1). Mac, I’m gonna stop you right there. First of all, your breath smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion. Secondly, I know you’re trying to manipulate me, and it’s not going to work. Get your hand off my shoulder, because I’ve got a fatty to burn. -Sweet Dee


Like I said, this was incredibly hard due to the plethora of quotes to choose from. So, just because I didn’t want to leave out some of my other favorites, here is a list of honorable mentions.

  • “I’m a…full-on rapist, you know? Uh, Africans, dyslexics, children, that sort of thing.” -Charlie
  • “I eat stickers all the time, dude!” -Charlie
  • “Hi. Um, I’m a recovering crackhead. This is my retarded sister that I take care of. I’d like some welfare, please.” -Dennis
  • “Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?!” -Charlie
  • “I’m not fat. I’m cultivating mass.” -Fat Mac
  • “Dee, don’t be ridiculous…think of the smell. YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF THE SMELL, YOU BITCH! Now you say another word and I swear to god I will dice you into a million little pieces…and put those pieces in a box, a glass box, that I will display on my mantle.” – Dennis

Agree or disagree with my list? Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite quotes are from the show, and see if they made my list of top-ten picks.

Rob & Glenn Give Us the Scoop

Just wanted to share this with everyone–an episode of the Nerdist Podcast with guests Glenn Howerton & Rob McElhenney. The duo, along with the two hosts of the show, discuss a variety of topics like juggling hectic schedules and how their senses of humor come together to produce It’s Always Sunny. It’s a very entertaining segment, and I loved hearing such an in depth conversation with the guys outside of the show; you learn a lot about who they are as people and why that makes their show so successful.

You can skip the intro if you’re uninterested, as the actual interview begins about 3:00 into the podcast.

Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton.

 Check out more of Chris Hardwick’s podcasts at

Tweet of the Week

I’m starting a new weekly piece called ‘Tweet of the Week’ where I’m going to select my favorite Tweet from the week prior by one of the Always Sunny cast members/writers/fan twitters. Whether it be something I found funny, something inspiring, or just something I had an opinion on, I think it’s important to highlight what these people behind the show have to say in their personal lives. It allows us to get a good glimpse at the voices behind the veil of the show.

This week I chose a tweet from Rob McElhenney that I was inspired by and thought was very relevant to some social issues today. It wasn’t incredibly philanthropic, but it’s simplicity and truth resonated with me–here’s what he said:

I’m such an advocate for being a kind person and treating other people with respect, regardless of their differences. While our society has made large strides towards higher levels of acceptance and respect among different races/sexualities/class levels, there are still a great number of people who do not act according to these advancements. This is one of my main criticisms of the rise of social media, as I believe it’s provided an incredibly fluid and easily accessible outlet for people to preach hateful words against others. These ignorant comments are now so easy to spread through Facebook and Twitter and provide these people with a screen to hide behind.

As cliche as it sounds, life is so short. It takes so much effort to hate people, and to be disrespectful. I always say that one of the easiest ways to be happy is to just know who you are and allow yourself to be welcoming of others and their opinions. The more diversity you are exposed to the more you grow as a person, as your mind and sense of life becomes more and more rich. Why would you want to spend the short amount of time you have here hating other people and being vindictive? We live in such an unavoidably relational world that it’s so much more enlightening to but your effort into loving other people than resenting them.

Rob sums it up perfectly with this tweet and I give him props for providing his followers with such a great bit of advice to live by.

Top-Ten Tuesday: Frank’s Best Moments

The oldest (in age and time of arrival) member of the gang, Frank Reynolds, has filled It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a plethora of crazy antics and outlandish ideas. His scheming ways and mental instability have classified him as one of the more unpredictable characters in the series. However, this unpredictability is exactly what makes him so funny and popular among fans of the show. He has been lighting up TV screens with toe-knives and Paddy’s eggs for 9 seasons now, and theses are my picks for his ten best moments from the show thus far.

#10). His one true love


In the episode “Frank’s Brother” we meet Frank’s one true love, a lounge singer named Shadynasty. Experiences of love and loss, including Frank fleeing the country and getting addicted to cocaine, make for a memorable episode that provides us with a great look into Frank’s past.

#9). His suicide attempt


In a state of depression, Frank tries to take his own life by hanging himself from the rafters of the bar. Unfortunately, his neck is of tree trunk density and the noose has no effect as he dangles back and forth like a balding pinata.

#8). The Paddy’s Pub eggs


While creating Paddy’s Pub merchandise, Frank decides to take a poultry related route and design Paddy’s eggs. No one knows why Frank thought this would ever be a good idea, but the signature green eggs come up again in numerous episodes including “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win An Award.”

#7). His hand-sanitizer bath


During a flu outbreak in Philadelphia, Frank decides to have everyone quarantined inside the bar in order to prevent them from catching the sickness from outsiders. However, as the gang members start to become sick despite the quarantine, Frank becomes increasingly paranoid. He starts by removing all the hair from his entire body to rid himself of germs and ends the episode rolling around in hand-sanitizer muttering crazed nonsense.

P.S. It turns out that none of the gang members were actually sick with the flu, but rather were just experience severe alcohol withdrawal. Thank god for the whiskey Charlie keeps in a bleach bottle under the bathroom sink, phew.

#6). His skinny jeans


In the episode “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry” Frank tries to get hip and buy a pair of skinny jeans. The result is a hilarious scene between the guys not only when they criticize him for how ridiculous he looks, but also when they struggle desperately to get the tight-fit jeans off of Franks’ dense senior-citizen legs.

#5). When he pooped the bed


“Who Pooped the Bed?” is one of my favorite episode the series has done thus far, for many reasons. But Frank really steals the show when we find out the answer to this question at the end of the episode. After the discovery of many suspiciously vile turds, and an in depth investigation, Frank non-nonchalantly shuts down all the accusations and admits that every poop was his–including one on the floor of the bar that he dropped in the middle of his confession.

#4). When he broke out of the couch

Arguably one of Frank’s most outlandish moments–and that’s saying something–was when he made Dennis and Dee sew him into the upholstery of the couch at a Christmas party they were planning on attending. Frank tries to overhear some of the party-goers talking trash about him and ends up breaking free from the couch like some sort of home-decor fetus, revealing his sweaty nude body to the poor unlucky guests.

#3). Rum ham


When “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” everyone kind of goes their own way. Frank and Mac end up on the beach where Frank debuts the famous ‘rum ham.’ Mac, currently in his fat stage, applauds the idea of being able to eat their drinks. Unfortunately, when the duo falls asleep on a raft that drifts from shore, they loose sight of rum ham and it drifts away in agony–mimicking the famous scene from Castaway where Tom Hanks looses his volleyball ‘Wilson.’

#2). His tailgating acid trip


One of Frank’s first hilariously memorable moments comes during season 3’s “The Gang Gets Invincible” when Frank and Charlie decide to tailgate the citizen Eagle’s tryouts. Charlie just wanted a nice day to relax and get drunk, but Frank had other plans. He decides to drop a shit ton of acid that results in a crazy trip where he thinks he’s locked in an RV bathroom and must climb through Artemis’ mouth in the toilet bowl to escape. Turns out, he’s just standing in a trash can spinning in circles… He even slips Charlie some acid too without him knowing, which leads to the series first reveal of the famous green man.

#1). The troll toll

I don’t think anyone can deny that Frank’s roll in “The Nightman Cometh” takes the cake for his funniest and most famous moment from the show. He plays the role of a troll in Charlie’s musical. This roll includes a song where he demands a toll from the nightman in order for him to gain access to the little boy he wants. While Frank is supposed to be saying “you gotta pay the toll troll if ya want to get into that boy’s soul” his pronunciation makes it sound like he’s saying “boy’s hole.” This, clearly, makes it sound like the nightman needs to rape a little boy, which is not what Charlie had envisioned. This, paired with his ridiculous costume and prosthetics worn during the performance, makes for a classic Frank moment that no one can forget.

Season 10, Episode 10 Review – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie

Emotional instability, withdrawal, lost sense of purpose.

If you think these are all things to describe the members of the gang, you’re wrong (well…you’re not totally wrong). These are all things to describe how I’m feeling after watching the season 10 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and knowing I now have to wait another year to see my favorite people doing horrible things. However, for the sake of this blog, I will set aside my feelings of depression and recap/review the finale that premiered last night on the FXX.


The epsiode begins with Dee and Frank finding Charlie, Mac, and two strangers aggressively exercising in the living room. They reveal that they’re part of “Ass Kickers United.” Mac received a newsletter advising him to follow the words of the ‘master’, someone who has achieved “enlightenment through the way of the warrior.” Come to find out however, the whole thing was created by Dennis’ to play on Mac’s body insecurities and make him stop eating Dennis’ thin mint cookies (no thin mints is one of the first Ass Kicker rules).


Dee jumps on board with the plan, wanting to use these newsletters to convince Mac to fix up his apartment so him and Dennis will leave hers. Frank also wants ‘in on the action’ as always, but for some less practical reasons: “Maybe you could get him to eat a shit sandwich. That’d be fun!” Thus, Dee drafts a new letter, with Frank gnawing beef jerky over her shoulder, including her personal specifications to convince Mac of the importance of drywall and construction. Frank continues his pointless rambling about what else he thinks is important:

“Pu**y…put pu**y.”

“Got damn, Frank. Don’t say pu**y. It’s disgusting. I’m not putting it.” (Crazy what people can say on TV now…).

To shut Frank up, Dee makes is a requirement that each Ass Kicker must bring one female into the system. When he sees said females at the bar working out, Mac, of course, seems to have a problem with it and decides to take a break from the system.10


I love how this season has really brought Mac’s low key homosexuality more towards the forefront this season. I think it’s so funny how there’s a juxtaposition between Mac’s masculine appearance/homosexual tendencies and Dennis’ feminine appearance/masculine tendencies. Like when Dennis comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on his head like a woman, but criticizes Mac for looking fat knowing he would care about Dennis’ opinion of him.

Dee brings the guys, including Dax Shepard who had an awesome cameo playing an idiot Ass Kicker, to Mac’s apartment so they can fix it up. However, they don’t take the bait and end up bailing–forcing Dee to think of another plan. She decides to use blackmail to hold information over the guy’s heads and get them to do what she wants, so she gives them a ‘personality’ test.  Basically, she just manipulates them to tell her embarrassing things about themselves, but all Dax and Charlie admit is that they’ve both previously eaten toads.

When Dennis convinces Mac to re-join with another newsletter, Dee sees it as a threat and sets her sights on now taking Dennis to see who can be the master manipulator. Thus, Dee and Frank get Charlie into a drunken stooper and convince him to rally the Ass Kickers together and bring them to the apartment–using a cloaked man to pose as the ‘master.’ However, Dennis bursts in claiming a higher level ‘master’ told him that all the Ass Kickers must commit suicide to reach enlightenment, and breaks out a bottle of lighter fluid. In the midst of bickering where the truth comes out about the entire system being false, Dax bursts out of the bedroom as it’s engulfed in flames. As the gang basically watches him burn alive, the episode comes to a close and they’re back to square one: a burned down apartment with their lives in shambles.


I thought this was a solid season finale. Wasn’t one of my favorites from the season but it was a strong way to come full circle and close out the season. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of Dax Sheppard and was happy to see him make an appearance. Rating: 8/10


St. Patty’s Day

Apologies for my lack of posting in the past week, I was traveling and just returned to school.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day–it’s like spring’s very own Christmas!!

c e


Enjoy some drinks with your buddies, and maybe even some Always Sunny if you really want to make the day great. More posts to come this week, laddies.