Top-Ten Tuesday: Frank’s Best Moments

The oldest (in age and time of arrival) member of the gang, Frank Reynolds, has filled It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a plethora of crazy antics and outlandish ideas. His scheming ways and mental instability have classified him as one of the more unpredictable characters in the series. However, this unpredictability is exactly what makes him so funny and popular among fans of the show. He has been lighting up TV screens with toe-knives and Paddy’s eggs for 9 seasons now, and theses are my picks for his ten best moments from the show thus far.

#10). His one true love


In the episode “Frank’s Brother” we meet Frank’s one true love, a lounge singer named Shadynasty. Experiences of love and loss, including Frank fleeing the country and getting addicted to cocaine, make for a memorable episode that provides us with a great look into Frank’s past.

#9). His suicide attempt


In a state of depression, Frank tries to take his own life by hanging himself from the rafters of the bar. Unfortunately, his neck is of tree trunk density and the noose has no effect as he dangles back and forth like a balding pinata.

#8). The Paddy’s Pub eggs


While creating Paddy’s Pub merchandise, Frank decides to take a poultry related route and design Paddy’s eggs. No one knows why Frank thought this would ever be a good idea, but the signature green eggs come up again in numerous episodes including “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win An Award.”

#7). His hand-sanitizer bath


During a flu outbreak in Philadelphia, Frank decides to have everyone quarantined inside the bar in order to prevent them from catching the sickness from outsiders. However, as the gang members start to become sick despite the quarantine, Frank becomes increasingly paranoid. He starts by removing all the hair from his entire body to rid himself of germs and ends the episode rolling around in hand-sanitizer muttering crazed nonsense.

P.S. It turns out that none of the gang members were actually sick with the flu, but rather were just experience severe alcohol withdrawal. Thank god for the whiskey Charlie keeps in a bleach bottle under the bathroom sink, phew.

#6). His skinny jeans


In the episode “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry” Frank tries to get hip and buy a pair of skinny jeans. The result is a hilarious scene between the guys not only when they criticize him for how ridiculous he looks, but also when they struggle desperately to get the tight-fit jeans off of Franks’ dense senior-citizen legs.

#5). When he pooped the bed


“Who Pooped the Bed?” is one of my favorite episode the series has done thus far, for many reasons. But Frank really steals the show when we find out the answer to this question at the end of the episode. After the discovery of many suspiciously vile turds, and an in depth investigation, Frank non-nonchalantly shuts down all the accusations and admits that every poop was his–including one on the floor of the bar that he dropped in the middle of his confession.

#4). When he broke out of the couch

Arguably one of Frank’s most outlandish moments–and that’s saying something–was when he made Dennis and Dee sew him into the upholstery of the couch at a Christmas party they were planning on attending. Frank tries to overhear some of the party-goers talking trash about him and ends up breaking free from the couch like some sort of home-decor fetus, revealing his sweaty nude body to the poor unlucky guests.

#3). Rum ham


When “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” everyone kind of goes their own way. Frank and Mac end up on the beach where Frank debuts the famous ‘rum ham.’ Mac, currently in his fat stage, applauds the idea of being able to eat their drinks. Unfortunately, when the duo falls asleep on a raft that drifts from shore, they loose sight of rum ham and it drifts away in agony–mimicking the famous scene from Castaway where Tom Hanks looses his volleyball ‘Wilson.’

#2). His tailgating acid trip


One of Frank’s first hilariously memorable moments comes during season 3’s “The Gang Gets Invincible” when Frank and Charlie decide to tailgate the citizen Eagle’s tryouts. Charlie just wanted a nice day to relax and get drunk, but Frank had other plans. He decides to drop a shit ton of acid that results in a crazy trip where he thinks he’s locked in an RV bathroom and must climb through Artemis’ mouth in the toilet bowl to escape. Turns out, he’s just standing in a trash can spinning in circles… He even slips Charlie some acid too without him knowing, which leads to the series first reveal of the famous green man.

#1). The troll toll

I don’t think anyone can deny that Frank’s roll in “The Nightman Cometh” takes the cake for his funniest and most famous moment from the show. He plays the role of a troll in Charlie’s musical. This roll includes a song where he demands a toll from the nightman in order for him to gain access to the little boy he wants. While Frank is supposed to be saying “you gotta pay the toll troll if ya want to get into that boy’s soul” his pronunciation makes it sound like he’s saying “boy’s hole.” This, clearly, makes it sound like the nightman needs to rape a little boy, which is not what Charlie had envisioned. This, paired with his ridiculous costume and prosthetics worn during the performance, makes for a classic Frank moment that no one can forget.


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