Season 10, Episode 10 Review – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie

Emotional instability, withdrawal, lost sense of purpose.

If you think these are all things to describe the members of the gang, you’re wrong (well…you’re not totally wrong). These are all things to describe how I’m feeling after watching the season 10 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and knowing I now have to wait another year to see my favorite people doing horrible things. However, for the sake of this blog, I will set aside my feelings of depression and recap/review the finale that premiered last night on the FXX.


The epsiode begins with Dee and Frank finding Charlie, Mac, and two strangers aggressively exercising in the living room. They reveal that they’re part of “Ass Kickers United.” Mac received a newsletter advising him to follow the words of the ‘master’, someone who has achieved “enlightenment through the way of the warrior.” Come to find out however, the whole thing was created by Dennis’ to play on Mac’s body insecurities and make him stop eating Dennis’ thin mint cookies (no thin mints is one of the first Ass Kicker rules).


Dee jumps on board with the plan, wanting to use these newsletters to convince Mac to fix up his apartment so him and Dennis will leave hers. Frank also wants ‘in on the action’ as always, but for some less practical reasons: “Maybe you could get him to eat a shit sandwich. That’d be fun!” Thus, Dee drafts a new letter, with Frank gnawing beef jerky over her shoulder, including her personal specifications to convince Mac of the importance of drywall and construction. Frank continues his pointless rambling about what else he thinks is important:

“Pu**y…put pu**y.”

“Got damn, Frank. Don’t say pu**y. It’s disgusting. I’m not putting it.” (Crazy what people can say on TV now…).

To shut Frank up, Dee makes is a requirement that each Ass Kicker must bring one female into the system. When he sees said females at the bar working out, Mac, of course, seems to have a problem with it and decides to take a break from the system.10


I love how this season has really brought Mac’s low key homosexuality more towards the forefront this season. I think it’s so funny how there’s a juxtaposition between Mac’s masculine appearance/homosexual tendencies and Dennis’ feminine appearance/masculine tendencies. Like when Dennis comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on his head like a woman, but criticizes Mac for looking fat knowing he would care about Dennis’ opinion of him.

Dee brings the guys, including Dax Shepard who had an awesome cameo playing an idiot Ass Kicker, to Mac’s apartment so they can fix it up. However, they don’t take the bait and end up bailing–forcing Dee to think of another plan. She decides to use blackmail to hold information over the guy’s heads and get them to do what she wants, so she gives them a ‘personality’ test.  Basically, she just manipulates them to tell her embarrassing things about themselves, but all Dax and Charlie admit is that they’ve both previously eaten toads.

When Dennis convinces Mac to re-join with another newsletter, Dee sees it as a threat and sets her sights on now taking Dennis to see who can be the master manipulator. Thus, Dee and Frank get Charlie into a drunken stooper and convince him to rally the Ass Kickers together and bring them to the apartment–using a cloaked man to pose as the ‘master.’ However, Dennis bursts in claiming a higher level ‘master’ told him that all the Ass Kickers must commit suicide to reach enlightenment, and breaks out a bottle of lighter fluid. In the midst of bickering where the truth comes out about the entire system being false, Dax bursts out of the bedroom as it’s engulfed in flames. As the gang basically watches him burn alive, the episode comes to a close and they’re back to square one: a burned down apartment with their lives in shambles.


I thought this was a solid season finale. Wasn’t one of my favorites from the season but it was a strong way to come full circle and close out the season. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of Dax Sheppard and was happy to see him make an appearance. Rating: 8/10



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