The Gang Goes Late Night

Finally, a talk show host finally did something sensible and got the entire cast of Always Sunny together for an interview. Kaitlin, Danny, Glenn, Rob, and Charlie all appeared on the Conan O’Brien show Monday night and I’m so happy that we finally got to see them all together, not as their television personalities. I included the four segments from their spot on the show (sorry about the last one being a link it wasn’t on YouTube for some reason).

The gang discusses fan tattoos, black-face, and the much talked about hook up between Charlie and Dee from last week’s episode. I hope they do more mainstream group appearances like this because it’s so great to see their dynamic off screen–you really see how true their friendships are in real life.

Danny Devito discussing all of the outrageous things he’s done throughout the series, which always seem to push the envelope of sanity.

The gang’s take on their previous controversial episodes, in light of the drama surrounding the recent film The Interview.

A look at some of the most extravagant fan tattoos. Yes they’re all real.

Kaitlin, Charlie, and Rob’s opinions regarding the hookup between Dee and Charlie

Enjoy, bozos.




Top-Ten Tuesday: Dennis’ Best Moments

Arguably the most vein member of the gang, Dennis Reynolds would probably consider everything he did to be one of his best moments. While he’s clearly not as great of a person as he thinks he is, he definitely has had some hysterically memorable moments throughout the course of the Always Sunny series. While he’s always lurked in the shadows of fan favorites like Charlie and Frank, Dennis has slowly risen to the top of my list of gang members as I’ve watched over the years. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I may be partial to Dennis’ character because he reminds me most of my own sense of humor, but regardless of where he stands in your ranking, you can’t deny that he has his moments. Here are my picks for his best ten.

#10). When he goes on welfare.


When Dennis and Dee take some time off from the bar to “follow their dreams” they decide to utilize welfare to gain some spending money. Dennis has the brilliant idea to pose as a recovering crack addict, pretending Dee has a mental disability. Not only does he not get the money, but he ends up getting addicted to crack with Dee and becomes homeless. Dream come true!

#9). When he got a dart through his hand.


Mac: “Cheese and crepes!”

Dennis: “Dee, we’ll be taking this card.”

During a chaotic game of CharDee MacDennis, Dennis is set on continuing his historic winning streak when he’s subjected to a physical abuse card. He has to use his hand as a dart board and cannot flinch, unless he wants Frank’s team to score a point. When he sends a dart straight through Dennis’ hand, he remains completely still and proves once again that he’s superior.

#8). When he destroys his rival’s house.


When the gang tries to reignite their flip-cup rivalry, they’re shut down when they find out their old rivals have transformed their bar into an upscale restaurant. Frustrated, and filled with a desire for revenge, Dennis destroys the restaurant owners house–leaving this gem burning hot on his front lawn.

#7). When he looked like a sex offender.


The “golden gold” was taken down a few pegs when he found out he shared a shocking resemblance to a registered sex offender in the area. To further the embarrassment, Dee convinces him to pop his shirt off at a local playground and teach the kids fitness, to show he’s a nice guy. This prompted the concerned dads to chase him down and acted as a real blow to Dennis’ confidence.

#6). When he join America’s Next Top Paddy’s Pub Model contest.


Frank: “Dennis, your mule is SHIT!”

Offended that he wasn’t chosen as a contestant for the Paddy’s billboard model contest, Dennis pitches his appeal to Frank and Mac. Although they try to tell him he’s no longer what he used to be physically, Dennis disagrees and is determined to enter and win the contest. The best moment comes when Dennis is asked to pose as a mule and produces the above photo.

#5).  His opinion on manscaping.


Mac: “What’s not to like? Cricket with a face full of pubes? Hilarious!”

Dennis: “Yeah, but where’re we supposed to get that many pubes, man?”

Mac: “We shave!”

Dennis: “Now, that’s gonna be a problem, I laser. It’s like a turtle shell down there.”

#4). His threat to Dee.


This one came from the most recent season of Sunny but was one of my favorite lines of all time from Dennis. He looses his cool with Dee when she tries to fake schizophrenia by talking in fake accents and tells her she’d be of more use to him if he skinned her alive and transformed her into a piece of luggage. When Dee asks if he actually has skin luggage he explodes with the above quote that ruled the episode.

#3). His prototype.


Arguably one of Dennis’ funniest episodes, when he tries to sell his tacky design sketches to an old classmate “Fatty Magoo” he finds the model for his dresses is not doing it justice. Taking matters into his own hands, Dennis shows off his “god-like” body by applying red lipstick, putting on his “prototype,” and bursting into the office, only to be met by the whole gang and a moment of intense embarrassment.

#2). The Dayman song.


Fueled by Dennis’ creativity and Charlie’s spray-paint high, Dennis comes to check on Charlie after he sunk into a depression after being fired from the guys’ band. Their collaboration results in the creation of the Dayman song that we all know and love.

#1). The D.E.N.N.I.S. system.


I don’t think there’s any other option for Dennis’ best and most famous moment from the series. His system on how to pick up and eventually throw away women is supposed to be fool proof, but like most of the gang’s plans, tends to backfire. Demonstrating value, engaging physically, nurturing dependence, neglecting emotionally, inspiring hope, and separating entirely are Dennis’ steps to “success” that really get lead him to nothing but restraining orders.


I don’t really post personal stuff on here because it’s obviously not a blog about me. However, on Saturday morning I was in a pretty bad car accident and I just thought I’d write a little something about my experience. Of course, I try and use my sense of humor in all situations to make things brighter and less pessimistic, so I used some Always Sunny inspiration to help me talk about this.


A group of my friends decided that we wanted to change things up and take a day trip to an indoor water park in Erie, PA. We started our trip in good spirits, excited to have a fun day doing something different. However, as most people are probably aware of, this winter sucks, and the whether has been worse than any winter I can remember here in Western New York. As a result, the snow was coming down on our drive and the roads were slick. My friend’s car ended up fish-tailing on the thruway, the car spun out and hit the snowy median, rolled twice, and landed on its hood.


The back windshield shattered and the car ended up being totaled. Luckily however, this ^^ is not me, and I was able to wiggle my scrawny ass out the back window safely. I literally have never moved faster in my entire life, and the whole situation was so surreal–my survival instincts just kicked in automatically. We had four people in the backseat of this little shoe-box car (one person on someone’s lap), and somehow we all came out unscathed. I got it the worst, because I was in the middle of the back, and all I came away with were some scrapes/cuts and a sore hip.

I am beyond thankful for my life and the lives of all my friends. This may sound like I’m over-exaggerating because none of us were hurt, but the only reason that’s the case is because of sheer luck. This could have paralyzed us, this could have caused serious injury, this could have been fatal. I just want to advise everyone to truly remember the responsibility you take each time you step into your car. It becomes second nature to drive, but it shouldn’t. Wear seat-belts (none of us in the backseat were), drive according to weather conditions, and be safe. Everything can be taken from you so quickly; do all you can to prevent that from happening.

To look on the bright side, I’m alive. I’m feeling better. I’m ready to appreciate life and go out into the world and “kick some ass.”


Season 10, Episode 6 Review: The Gang Misses the Boat

Man cheetahs, mesh shirts, and def poetry in last nights episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


The episode starts off with the gang on their way to catch a boat that’s hosting an exclusive party. However, they wind up missing the boat (hence the title) because Dee took too long getting dressed up as a new character, Mr. Barnacle, that she created. Dennis, determined to make the party, decides to drive his Range Rover into the river where it gets stuck–clearly. Dennis’ frustration carries over into the bar where he begins ranting about what the gang has turned into, claiming he used to be a cool guy and now is just “a chauffeur to a bunch of worm sucking idiots.” This argument results in Mac, Frank, and Dennis storming out of the bar with the intentions of taking a break from the debauchery, leaving Dee and Charlie alone to hang out.

During their lunch at a local diner, Dee and Charlie appreciate the freedom they have to do what they want now that the other guys aren’t there to control or intimidate them. Charlie is especially excited that, due to Frank’s absence, he can order a chicken sandwich without having to also order and eat the chicken’s beak. I don’t know what American restaurant would ever provide a beak to be eaten, but regardless, good for him! They later decide that it would be a good idea to get into def poetry, since Charlie’s music writing has never really gotten them anywhere. Dennis brutally criticizes them for this, assuring them of their inevitable failure, but their new found freedom overpowers his insults. Then, in the midst of an emotionally charged moment between Dee and Charlie, this happens:


Yes, that’s Charlie and Dee, and yes, they’re kissing. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cringe, or gag. I was completely caught off guard and I think they were too, as they become completely awkward toward each other afterwards and don’t mention their hookup to anyone else.

To stray away from the awkward and weird to the…slightly less awkward and weird, lemme talk about Mac. He uses his break from the gang to get back to his “party boy” lifestyle of going out and getting chicks. He hits the club, dressed in a mesh tank top, to try and get his game back. However, when he fails to pick up the first girl with the line, “You want me to milk your adrenal glad? You’ll go berserk.”  the camera pans to two guys (one of them shirtless) dancing with some girls, ashe claims that’s what he needs. This is supposed to be pretty ambiguous and further hint at Mac’s undeclared homosexuality.


This is further developed when he announces to Dee, Charlie, and Dennis that he’s finally found what he’s been looking for over the years and that he’s been lying to himself about what he wants. He then introduces Dusty, thought to be a man, who actually turns out to be a hot girl who gained that name due to her love for angel dust…classy! He claims he’s in love and finally was able to score a 10 without Dennis around to steal them. After being questioned about whether or not she has a dick, the two take to the bedroom following Mac’s best line of the episode: “Lets go Dusty, we don’t need these turkeys. I’m gonna go slam ass.” Turns out though, their sex was all faked and he only brought her around to impress the gang–bribing her with drugs.

Meanwhile, Dennis goes off to try and reinstate his calm cool persona and sell his car (still submerged in the river). However, his effort to remain calm falls quite short as he ends up screaming at both potential buyers and spewing out his bottled anger. This results in my favorite scene from the episode with hilarious work from Glenn.

“I’ve contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you like the crashing of a thousand waves. Be gone vile man, be gone from me. A starter car…this car is a finisher car, a transporter of gods…the golden god. I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds.” (bolded because the entire thing is delivered in a vein-bulging scream).

Finally, we have ol’ Frank, who finds a new gang to roll with–a group of friends who coincidentally just bought a bar. All he can talk about though is the gang and their wacky plans from the past. They new crew isn’t accepting of Frank’s behavior as he fills their bar with underage kids, releases a live ferret into the bar, calls a health inspector, and eventually gets the place shut down and fined $75,000.


These horrid experiences lead the gang to come together at the end and plead to make things go back to normal: dressing in costumes (Frank in a cheetah getup), Mac doing whatever he wants without question, Charlie and Dee ridiculing each other, etc. It goes to show that these people have no chance of surviving without each other and have crippling codependency issues…a fairy tale ending.

Rating: 8/10

Season 10, Episode 5 Review: The Gang Spies Like U.S.

Episode 5 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s 10th season premiered last night and went international. Not literally of course, but in that the gang was involved with the Asian fish factory across the street from Paddy’s. After noticing they had set up cameras that were facing the bar, Dennis and Mac grabbed Dee to bring her in on the plan to infiltrate the plant. Surprised by Dee’s inclusion despite her constant “back-sassing,” Frank and Charlie become suspicious of what’s really going on with Dennis and Mac. They’ve recently been locking the back office door and have been acting quite fishy (no pun intended) since they moved in with Dee. The duo decides to act on these suspicions and concoct a plan to spy on Mac and Dennis’ endeavors.


After Dennis and Mac instruct Dee to infiltrate the plant and dig up any useful dirt, she poses as a factory worker. However, in typical Dee fashion, the only thing the does is hurt herself (repeatedly) and cause physical and structural damage to the plant and it’s workers. She:

  • Get’s slapped in the face with rancid fish guts
  • Causes a fork lift to slip on fish innards and spiral out of control into a shelving unit
  • Fails at flirting with the manager and gets her hair caught in a conveyor belt–forcing it to be hacked off with a meat cleaver
  • Slips off a ladder while spying on Frank and the manager, causing her to fall (hitting many pieces of machinery along the way) and wind up hospitalized.



Meanwhile, Charlie enters Dennis and Mac’s apartment pretending to deliver a bouquet of flowers but it’s actually housing a hidden camera. All the while Charlie is being directed by Frank via ear piece and doesn’t seem to understand the concept of remaining discrete. The whole situation is extremely awkward, but Dennis and Mac are used to Charlie’s bizarre actions and don’t question him because they just want him out of the apartment. Charlie’s funniest scene of the episode for sure, especially when he tells the guys he’s acting strangely because there’s a spider in his ear that tells him it’s thoughts. Doesn’t seem too far off from a typical Charlie-ism.


When the hidden camera fails after the flowers are thrown away, Frank decides to have Charlie call Mac and Dennis to an ‘urgent’ meeting at Guiginos restaurant while he breaks into their apartment to search the computer. At this dinner the trio runs into the waiter who served them back in season 8 (“The Gang Dines Out”), the same waiter whose shoes they tied together, causing him to face plant into scalding spaghetti. However, the guys have no recollection of who he is and treat him with no sense of respect (as the do with everyone):

Dennis: “I’m to remember every man I’ve seen fall into a plate of spaghetti?!”

Mac: “Get me the snapper, bozo”

Just two of the many classless things said during this encounter. We come to find out that Frank hacked the guys’ laptop and found their previous searches were ‘Asian’ and ‘cream pies.’ Frank misinterprets their clearly sexual context and instead thinks Dennis and Mac plan on going into a pastry making business with the Asian factory. Wanting to prevent this from happening, Charlie meets again with Dennis and Mac to try and get “in on the action” as Frank would say. An incredibly awkward conversation ensues with both parties misinterpreting the connotation of ‘cream pie.’

The episode ends with the guys meeting Dee in the hospital where she cluelessly believes she’s been a big help. They leave her in the bed to recover and walk off down the hallway to concoct some new bogus plan that we know definitely will not work.


 It was going to be hard for this episode to live up to last weeks brilliant “Charlie Work,” but I think it did a good job. While the story-line and directing wasn’t nearly as innovative as last week, I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit. Even though all of Dee’s misfortunes are now somewhat predictable, they never fail to make me laugh because they’re just quintessential to her character. One again I find myself levitating to the comedic voice of Dennis in this season and he had another great episode full of snide comments and hilarious one liners. Overall, a good episode that’s keeping a great season rolling along.

Rating: 8/10

Top-Ten Tuesday: Charlie’s Best Moments

Tuesday is here once again and it’s time for another top-ten countdown. This week, I’ve assembled my picks for the ten best moments from none other than Mr. Charlie Kelly. His wacky outlandish personality has established him as one of the most well received characters from the series. Whether he’s killing rats, eating cheese, or writing in his dream journal, he never fails to make an audience laugh. So, without further adieu, here are Charlie’s top ten moments from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

#10). His green-man acid trip

Photo via

“Green Man is saving your life right now, bro.” When the gang gets the opportunity to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles, Charlie and Frank decide to sit out and tailgate the mediocre event. When Frank drops a boat-load of acid into Charlie’s beer, he slips into a hallucinogenic state–leading to a dance party with the McPoyles in his Green Man suit.

9. His night with the waitress

Photo via

During a trip to the Jersey Shore, Charlie runs off on his own and runs into someone surprising–the waitress. She seems shockingly receptive to his greeting and, although apprehensive at first, he runs with her affection. They end up spending a wonderful night together by the ocean. Unfortunately for Charlie however, he comes to find that she was actually on ecstasy the night before and his chances with her are once again crushed into steroid-soaked sand.

8. When he got smart..kind of

Photo via

Was this the workings of the apocalypse, or did Charlie Kelly actually become a sudden savant? When Charlie is selected–as a direct result of his sheer idiocy–to be the subject of an intelligence experiment, he finds himself quickly rising up the scale of intelligence. Books on tape, new languages, and science equations all come quite naturally to him as keeps poppin’ the new brain pills. However, we come to learn all of Charlie’s “progress” was just a result of the ever-so-fooling placebo effect; all of his work was actually a jumbled mess.

7. The pirate door

On a mission to scope out the competition from a neighboring Korean bar with a popular micro-brew, Charlie has one of his best dyslexic mess-ups of the series. Misreading an office door marked ‘private’ as ‘pirate,’ he needs the help of Dennis to clarify things for him and explain that no, pirates don’t live in bars.

6. His “spa” day

When Charlie’s birthday rolls around, the gang decides to prepare him a surprise party full of all the things he loves (AKA incredibly ambiguous and incomprehensible etchings found in his dream journal). They send Dee out with two spa gift-certificates to act as a distraction for Charlie as they prepare for the party. However, he’s quite confused by the whole “spa” idea and is convinced it has something to do with spaghetti–which he carries around in a plastic freezer bag the entire day.

5. The Dayman song

After being kicked out of the guys’ band due to his questionable, rape-referencing lyrics–despite his surprising keyboarding skills–Charlie takes to a depressed hibernation in his room. After being discovered by Dennis in his dark living room, high on spray paint, Charlie gets inspiration from the light through the curtains. With their musical juices flowing, Charlie and Dennis go on to create the ‘Dayman’ song, which any fan probably knows…and acted as my roommate’s morning alarm for an entire semester.

4. When he was hooked on steroids

My favorite episode of the entire series, “Hundred Dollar Baby,” follows Charlie as Mac and Dennis train him to become an underground street fighter. Eventually, he stumbles upon Dee’s stash of steroids and winds up hooked, becoming manic and emotionally unstable–more so than usual. The result is a typical Charlie freak out with some drug-induced flare that never fails to make me laugh.

3. When he tries his first pear

Photo via

On a road trip to the grand canyon, Charlie reveals to the gang that he’s never had a pear. While I can relate, somewhat, to his confusion about the bulbous appearance and awkward shape of the bland fruit…come on, how have you never tried one? When Mac buys one at the market, Charlie expresses his distaste after having eaten the entire thing–sticker, stem, core, and all. Responding to Mac’s criticism, Charlie comes in with one of his most famous lines, “I EAT STICKERS ALL THE TIME, DUDE!”

2. Kitten mittons

Charlie’s creativity reaches an all time high when the gang decides to make some Paddy’s merchandise. While not Paddy’s related, Charlie creates Kitten Mittons: little mittens for your kitten if it’s being too loud walking around your house. The idea itself, paired with his horribly made commercial make this one of Charlie’s most memorable moments from the show.

1. When he wrote a musical

I wish I could post this whole damn episode (“The Nightman Cometh”) because it’s one of my–and almost every Always Sunny fan’s–favorite episodes. Charlie writes a musical, and the gang acts it out on stage for an ambiguous audience. Charlie acts as the director, becoming progressively more unstable as the gang messes up his “glorious” work. The musical ends with a sunny (literally) song sung by Charlie to the waitress in which he offers up a pathetically sincere proposal. Can you guess what she said?

It’s Usually Not Sunny on Sundays

Anyone hungover?


Thought so…

Sundays, specifically college Sundays, are always spent recovering from the brutal attack of the weekend. This weekend at Bonaventure was an especially wild one after our basketball team upset with a buzzer beater, conquering VCU. Thus, today–and all Sundays–are spent relaxing and recovering in preparation for class on Monday and the start of a new week.

Thus, here are 5 quintessential Sunday-isms that everyone can relate to. Highlighted of course by the Always Sunny gang members in their various states of being.

#5). Dry-heaving.


We’ve all felt the struggle of waking up on a Sunday morning feeling a bit queasy. The weekend really catches up to you and whether it be a strong smell, bad taste, or embarrassing memory, the Sunday dry heave is something that really sneaks up on ya. However, if you’re a witness rather than a participant, it’s quite a funny sight to see. No one does it quite like Dee though.

#4). Eating greasy food.


One of–if not the best–cures for a Sunday hangover is a big ol’ greasy meal. Nothin’ like a Big Mac to sop up the sorrows your body is facing after a weekend of going out. Just try and avoid taking Mac’s approach and eating in a church confessional, no matter how funny of an idea it sounds like when you’re drunk.

#3). Asking questions.


While most of us are probably much more literate than Charlie when it comes to how we ask this question, we’ve all asked it before. “Did I do weird things?” “What happened last night?” and “I did whaaaat?” are common Sunday questions. Learning about your actions after an aggressive night out is rarely satisfying, usually embarrassing, but alllllways interesting.

#2). Battle wounds.


Whether it be scrapes, bruises, or Sharpie marks, you never know what you might find yourself riddled with when you roll out of bed on a Sunday morning. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a nice sharpie dong drawn on their forehead? Truly blissful. Hopefully however, you never look as bad as Dennis–for your own sake, and the sake of anyone who would have to look at you…

#1). Laying down…way down.


Fat sleepy Mac is the absolute epitome of a hangover; I feel like this image sums Sunday up perfectly. Sundays are spend doing nothing but lounging each week. I spend as much of the day as I can in a horizontal state, watching movies in bed. Relaxation for the mind, body, and soul are necessities and weekly occurrences. Have to make sure you’re rested enough to be able to get up on the ever-so-dreadful Monday and actually face the real world and responsibilities. Unfortunately…

Season 10, Episode 4 Review: Charlie Work

Nothing cures a hangover like greasy food and some Always Sunny. 


This fast paced, Charlie driven episode premiered Wednesday night and I have to say–bravo. Mark Shakman did a fantastic job directing this episode that was carefully crafted and brilliantly written by Charlie, Glenn, and Rob. It kicks off with Charlie frantically heading towards Paddy’s while on the phone with Frank; he urges him to ensure the bar is empty and clean for the impending health inspection. As he walks in however, Charlie finds the bar in shambles and riddled with chickens–yes, live chickens. Come to find out, the gang is in the midst of carrying out an initially ambiguous plan involving chickens, airline miles, and a “loophole” they discovered. (It’s later revealed that they used Frank’s card to buy airline miles, ship a butt load of steaks to the bar, planned to contaminate them with chicken germs, repackage them, and return them to the steak company for cold hard cash). Charlie frantically begins instructing them to clean up their shit and tells Frank to find some shoes. Honestly, how does a human begins loose shoes so frequently, if at all???

We later learn that he actually flushed them down the toilet due to anxiety but still…..????

The entire episode is basically one long frantic progression with Charlie as the ring leader–trying his best to ensure that the health inspection doesn’t go awry. Odd for him to take the reigns, but when it comes to dirt and grim and the removal of the two, who better for the job? I mean, there’s a reason it’s called Charlie work…

In the midst of all this chaos the gang must also deal with the different components of their plan coming into play: a delivery man showing up with 4000 steaks, the tension arising over the issue of who thought up the idea for the plan, and of course, the god damn chickens.


One of the best things about this episode is the plethora of creative and perfectly placed foreshadowing throughout the progression. There are things that seem initially puzzling but end up working out just the way Charlie planned in the end–shockingly enough:

  • He tells Mac to count down from thirty, then moan into the storage room vent and say “I’m sorry.” This acts–with perfect timing–as a cover up for the clogged toilet in the bathroom. A strategically placed pair of shoes and moans from Mac make it appear that the stall isn’t clogged, but rather someone’s just in there takin’ a big ol’ dump.
  • When they check the carbon-monoxide detector in the basement, Charlie notes that the operating noise is a G-sharp; he later has Dee paint Frank black, puts him in the dark basement, and has him play the note on a recorder when the inspector checks to see if the detector is working. Little does she know, there’s no battery in it, and there’s enough gas in the basement air to knock out an African elephant.
  • Finally, throughout the episode Charlie repeatedly picks up and slams down one of the bar stools. Come to find out, it’s to prove a point to Dee about comedy. She wanted to leave out the “joke stool” (a regular stool with a gigantic nail sticking out of it), but Charlie had other plans. His stool slamming paid off in the end as Dee sits down and it collapses, tossing her frail body to the ground and showing everyone what a real joke stool is.


For once, everything works out almost seamlessly (I literally think once is a correct word, because nothing ever goes as planned on this show…). Aside from an angry delivery driver who was served a charred steak and a slight deduction for a dumpster regulation, Paddy’s is awarded the highest possible score by the inspector. She hands over the paperwork just as Charlie slips her keys (which he pick-pocketed) back into her purse and her car (which they stole) pulls up to where she parked.

I didn’t think this episode was particularly hysterical, but I loved it anyways. The writing was top-notch, and the story-line really went above and beyond what the show normally produces. There were subtleties and intricacies that were both unexpected and genius. I feel Glenn and Charlie both had amazing performances in this episode as well, and I honestly think Glenn is shining so far this season. Great acting, great one liners, great performances. An episode that was well-crafted and worthy of just as good of a rating as they got from their inspector.

Rating: 9/10