Top-Ten Tuesday: Dee’s Best Moments

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. My internet decided to go out yesterday, preventing me from posting my second Top-Ten Tuesday. But, better late than never. This weeks list is dedicated to Sweet Dee and counts down her ten best moments (in my opinion) from the series thus far. From witty comments to physical injuries, Dee always has me laughing at loud; this list counts down the ten moments that had me laughing the loudest and longest. Enjoy, dick-bags.

#10). When she tried to be independent. 

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“Leave me alone! I won’t give you the satisfaction! I’m fine! I’m independent.” After hearing of Dennis’ chauvinistic plan to make women fall in love with him–The D.E.N.N.I.S. System–Dee refuses to be dependent on her man, so as to not fall into the same trap. However, her independence ends in her storming off only to fall down a dirt hill into a thorn bush. Crisis avoided?

#9). When she was temporarily successful.

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“Um, I stepped in front of a bus, but it missed me. I can’t even get a bus to hit on me.” After being set up with a comedy act by the gang, out of pity, Dee’s defeated attitude is a hit with the crowds. As her popularity grows we finally see some justification behind Dee’s hilarious diva attitude. While we come to find out, as always, that joke was on Dee the whole time, her temporary success definitely brings many laughs.

#8). When she thought she found true love.

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“Let’s hump.” After a car accident, Dee meets who she thinks is the good-looking, affluent man of her dreams. A relationship ensues that leads to a sweaty, drunken Dee gagging in the midst of a lap dance. True love at its finest.

#7) Her P. Diddy boat dance.

Excited about their new “luxurious” boat, Dee steps inside, throws on some classic 90’s music, and starts….dancing? Whatever you want to call it, Dee’s moves from this episode always make me laugh out loud.

#6). When she infiltrated the popular group.

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“See ya later Dirt Grub [Charlie] and Ronnie the Rat [Mac]. Hope you suck each other’s rotten peckers til’ ya get mouth cancer.” Back at their high-school reunion, no one is more excited than Dee. Eager to show off her brace-less back she struts right into the popular group for the first time in her life. Verbally and physically abusing the gang in order to fit in, Dee concocts a plan to infiltrate the circle and strike when the moment is right. However, her abuse of the guys along the way is truly hysterical.

#5). When she insulted Mac’s breath.

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Nice try Mac, but Dee’s got a fatty to burn.

#4). When she pretended to be Carrie Bradshaw. 

“That’s the way girls are. We’re catty. We back-stab and talk about each other behind our backs and stalk. Don’t you remember how Samantha and Carrie and the dykey redhead used to do that kind of fun stuff?”

After a viewing of the Sex and the City movie, Dee tries to rally together a group of girlfriends to mimic the stars of the film. However, leading a band of misfits into a life of affluence is bound to end badly. It all comes to a head when Dee tries to flee a shoe store after a credit card decline, with her size-thirteen feet stuffed into shoes she wishes she could actually afford.

#3). When she was a volleyball magnet. 

While trying to make a viral YouTube video to gain publicity for the bar, Charlie discovers that hitting Dee in the face with a volleyball is much funnier than her character acting. Lots of laughs, at Dee’s expense of course.

#2). When she freaked out on Frank. 

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“Yes dad, I know the fight is in a few hours. I’m trying to find my god-damn headband.” A steroid binge has “Sweet” Dee lashing out on numerous people in this episode (as shown above) but the best melt down is while she’s on the phone with Frank before her boxing meet. This temper tantrum revolving around the unknown location of her headband results in her punching a massive hole through her wall. One of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

#1). Any time she dry-heaves.

I don’t think there’s anything that Dee is more famous for in the show than her nervous dry-heaving. It happens frequently in the series and each instance seems to be funnier than the last. Whether she’s nervous, repulsed, or poisoned, Dee’s gagging is one of her funniest qualities and makes for her best moments in the show.

Well there you have it, my picks for Dee Reynold’s top ten Always Sunny moments. As always, if you feel a hilarious moment is missing from this list or wish to talk Sweet Dee and the gang, contact me! Just in case some of your favorites were missing, enjoy this compilation video–including some moments mentioned above and some honorable mentions.


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